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The Small Business Center at CFCC provides free and confidential counseling to people who are exploring the opportunity to open their own business. We also provide counseling and advice to existing small businesses at their request.

In addition, we offer 60-70 free seminars on many varied business topics targeted towards potential or existing entrepreneurs.

Our web site, allows you to request counseling (or see link below), as well as see and register for all of our upcoming seminars.  

There are also links to many helpful business topics and other resources for your use as well. 

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Start-up Assistance

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Room SA-124 This workshop will introduce you to the emerging technology industry of Drones (UAV) and to learn what specific actionable steps must be taken to enter and start a business in this new multi-billion dollar (projected) industry. This workshop will introduce you to: • Brief introductory history of UAS aviation • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAV Unmanned Aircraft Systems – UAS o Types of UAV by design and capabilities o Intro to understanding the technology • Types of payloads and data collected • Introduction to understanding ‘Backend Data analysis’ requirements • Current and future civil and commercial applications of UAV • Current FAA regulatory requirements for UAV operations by both civil and commercial applications in the National Aerospace System (NAS) o Hobby vs. Commercial vs. Civil o Section 333 exemptions o COAs o FAA Part 107 o NC DOT UAS requirements • What to do now to get started in this multi-billion dollar industry. The course will be introductory in nature and will not require previous subject previous course instruction or experience.
Speaker: Probyn Thompson, Air Probe LLC
Wednesday, September 06, 2017 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
ROOM U-529 Understand the basics of starting a business that takes you from idea to opportunity. Learn key strategies for start-up, financing and marketing as well as important information about legal issues, licensing, zoning, operations and more. Realize the important of self-assessment and how to evaluate the feasibility of your business idea. Discover the resources available to help you start and successfully operate your business. FREE
Speaker: Roxanne Reed, Granit Training Group | Website:
Monday, September 18, 2017 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
ROOM U-529 After learning the skills and earning required certifications, it’s time to know how to start the process of owning your own business. Get important tips about naming your business. Learn the basic skills and strategies needed to have a successful sustainable business organization. The session includes discussions about finding the time for your new business, creating business models and business plans, organization charting, fundamental understanding "trading time for money" and how to set prices when charging for your services. Learn what profit centers are and why are they so important for your future. Know how a well-planned Internet presence is a vital component for success in small business today. FREE
Speaker: Steve Carver
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
ROOM U-529 In 2016, over 25% of all startup small businesses were home based businesses. This seminar is designed to provide start up entrepreneurs with the flexibility they seek in career options by exploring the availability of a home based small business career. Offered by the US Small Business Administration, topics will include developing the key processes for a home based business such as; the startup requirements; the business plan; the marketing plan; the financial plan; and how to obtain alternative lending for your home based small business. SPECIAL OFFER: A 200+ page E-book of all 50 Home Based Business ideas is provided for students attending the seminar that take you through how to jump start and grow that home based business!
Speaker: Don Spry, SBA

Business Basics

Wednesday, August 02, 2017 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Room U-528 This is a 3-part series - each session is a stand alone seminar. Please register for each session in the series SEPARATELY. Session 3 - COMMUNICATE: Develop or refine your "Core Value" and learn ways to communicate it to others. Owning and operating a small business can be overwhelming and frustrating. But with the help of SCORE mentors, the Small Business Center and your peers, you will see it can also be rewarding and successful. Join your fellow small business owners in this 3rd in a series of three educational sessions (Operate, Navigate, and Communicate) and follow up with peer-to-peer learning Roundtables where you decide the topics.
Speaker: Mike Campbell, SCORE
Monday, August 28, 2017 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Room U-529 This seminar helps you to effectively analyze the key performance indicators of your business (breakeven analysis; product pricing & costs; the P &L). It is important to understand where you are for effective business planning and decision making.
Speaker: Semone Brisson
Wednesday, August 30, 2017 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
ROOM U-529 So you have a book that needs promoting. Come and walk through the steps of identifying marketable products, budgeting, developing contacts, building an online presence and generating publicity for your book. Learn how to identify reviewers and key social media without spending a fortune on advertising.
Speaker: Diane Wolfe
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