Confidential Business Counseling

Small Business Centers provide local, confidential, experienced counselors as advisors for new and existing businesses. Available on an as needed basis, this local confidential service acts as a sounding board for new ideas and or concerns you may have about your business. Center staff understand the unique economic situations of North Carolina’s diverse communities and regions, and provide services customized to meet those as well as specific business needs. Experienced business counselors will help you find solutions to your challenging business questions. No question is too simple or complicated. There is no charge for this service.

Business Counseling from Experienced Business Counselors on a Variety of Topics:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Sources of Capital and Loan Preparation
  • Management and Human Resources Guidance
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Biotechnology-related Business Questions
  • International Trade
  • Government Procurement

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Individuals pursued business counseling with the SBCN in 2022-2023

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