SBCN Spring 2013 Professional Development

Regional Workshops – Four Excellent Topics over Three Days
Please use the links below to pre-register for the upcoming Professional Development training opportunities.  Details regarding training content for each program, specific buildings, room numbers, and payment information is listed on the registration page for each program.  There is a $25 registration fee per day, it is possible to pay for multiple days with a single check.

How to Develop an Online Course An exciting program designed specifically for SBC Directors and others who may be asked to develop or manage online programs.  At the end of this session you should be comfortable leading an online program development team then managing online programs.
Building and Managing Your Own Website and Web Presence (includes Social Media):  A follow on session to the earlier SBC Training provided by Martin Brossman.
NC Live- How to do Business Research in 2013!  This session will cover a variety of resources available on NC Live to help you perform research for your clients and help your clients perform research on their own!  Tired of wondering how to get valuable business information or frustrated that you can’t afford top-notch online business resources?  Come to this session and learn how to use this valuable FREE resource. 
NC Secretary of State: What’s Current and What’s Coming.  Representatives from the Corporations Division discuss the registration process for ALL types of business entities and will include both initial registration and continuing registration requirements.  The Securities Division will then take the mic and provide an overview of the things small business persons and entrepreneurs need to consider when conducing a securities offering in order to raise capital to finance their businesses.  Who knows, they might even be nice enough to cover the entire topic of crowd funding!  This is a “must know” area for all business counselors.

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