Licenses & Permits

Licenses & permits vary from state to state & county to county. Many permits are issued at the local level where your business operates; both county and city governments may require permits. Some of these may also require fees.

State regulations & local requirements are important to know prior to beginning the operation of any business. Unexpected regulations can cost not only time but also an unanticipated expense. Such expenses can be overwhelming to the new & even the existing business. It is important to know state, county, & local municipality requirements as you plan for your business.

Seek assistance through the Small Business Center at your local Community College for guidance & contact information on reaching the appropriate agencies & organizations. Making these plans & preparing for such requirements ahead of time may be the difference in success or failure.

There is no single business license or permit to cover all regulations & requirements of operating a business in the state of North Carolina. However, certain occupations do require licensure to be in compliance. For a listing of occupational license requirements visit Business Link North Carolina.

Remember that compliance with state, county, & local ordinances, permits, &/or licenses will help ensure smoother operating procedures & a greater chance for success.

Updated 4/20/2017 11:45:42 AM | B Johnson