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Webinar: Business Resiliency Strategies For the Small Business Owner

Wed 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Topic: Disaster Mitigation

There are multiple threats including severe weather events that require business owners to be able to respond and recover quickly, linking long-term business sustainability to business resilience planning. In this seminar, business owners will learn what business resilience is and how to incorporate business resilience into their long-term planning efforts to address the likelihood of business disruptions from a variety threats. Here are the top ten threats businesses face: 1st Cyber Attacks 2nd Data Breach ( Loss or Theft of Confidential Information) 3rd Unplanned IT and Telecom Outages 4th Acts of Terrorism 5th Security Incident (Vandalism, Theft, Fraud, Protest, etc.) 6th Interruption of Utility Supply 7th Supply Chain Disruption ( up and down stream) 8th Adverse Weather 9th Health & Safety Incident 10th Fire

Speaker(s): Leslie Lewis

Fee: No Cost

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