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Positive Cash Flow for Your Small Business Part 5 of 7 Entrepreneur Academy Series: ONLINE

Wed 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Topic: Financing

The Spring 2023 Entrepreneurs Academy (14 hours) Free Business Training Course. 7 consecutive week nights. Upon completion, earn a Certificate of Achievement / Course Graduation.

This on-line training session will open eyes for wannabee start up entrepreneurs about the real "meat and potatoes" issues you'll face trying to borrow money as a brand new unexperienced small business start up owner. The presenter, Steve Carver, with 50 plus years experience helping over 500 new business starts; will share lots of tips, and strategies about how to get the money you'll need to start a business including fund raising, borrowing from friends and family members, angels and local banks. He will share lots of information about the primary loan document: Promissory Note and more.

Fee: No Cost

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