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How to Find, Target, and Keep Customers Part 4 of 7 Entrepreneur Academy Series: ONLINE

Wed 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Topic: Customer Relations

The Fall 2022 Entrepreneurs Academy (14 hours) Free Business Training Course. 7 consecutive week nights. Upon completion, earn a Certificate of Achievement / Course Graduation.

Why do a few stores in the same area as others and with similar products and services vastly outsell the competition and stay in business for decades when others are failing every year? The answers are found in the strategies, methods, planning and determination of the owners of the more successful stores use to enjoy a larger market shares than the competition. First, they must ATTRACT and direct traffic to their parking lot. And then, entice them to enter the store. Next, they learn how to keep them coming week after week, month after month and year and years.

Fee: No Cost

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