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New Years Brand ReSOLUTIONS series: Deliver Experiences Customers Love

Tue 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

New Years Brand ReSOLUTIONS Series

Kickstart the year with insightful guidance in brand strategy, design, and customer experiences. It's an engaging way to begin the year with renewed vision and effective strategies. Each session builds on the previous and can also be attended as a standalone.

February 13th, Session 2 | Deliver Experiences Customers Love
Transcend the conventional and delve into the heart of extraordinary customer experiences. This class reveals:

  • How to weave strategy and design into captivating brand experiences.
  • Techniques to guide your ideal clients, encouraging raving reviews, renewals, and recruitment.
  • The exploration of ethical alignment in brand strategy and design.
  • Case studies that exemplify how to deliver experiences that truly resonate with your customers.

Takeaway: A road map to designing and delivering experiences that not only satisfy but delight customers.

Speaker(s): John Hornsby


Fee: No Cost