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AI & Chat GPT for Business Series: Session 1 Intro

Tue, Dec 5 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

AI and ChatGPT for Business Series

Cut through the hype and overwhelm. Let’s get real about AI technology and real world use to grow your business. Each session builds on the previous and can also be attended as a standalone. Join John Hornsby brand strategist and designer at Hornsby Creative, for this interactive workshop series.

  • December 5th, Session 1 | Intro: This session demystifies AI, providing a strong foundation and emphasizing value amplification rather than replacement.

In this beginner-friendly session, participants will unravel the fascinating world of AI and Language Model Learning Machines (LLMs), including Chat GPT. The class will cover:

  • What AI and LLMs are, and what they're not.

  • The setup and utilization of Chat GPT for business applications.

  • Basic prompt strategies to extract the best responses.

  • Real-world examples of how AI can revolutionize marketing and content creation.

  • Ensuring ethical considerations and responsible AI usage.

  • How to use AI to amplify your value, not replace you.

Takeaway: A solid understanding of AI basics and hands-on experience with Chat GPT.

Speaker(s): John Hornsby


Fee: No Cost