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Nonprofit Bootcamp: Day 2-Budgeting and Fundraising

Wed 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Topic: Nonprofit

Virtual Nonprofit Bootcamp | Oct 18th | 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Presenters Mandy Pearce and Maria Palacios with Funding for Good will guide you through these interactive workshops designed for Nonprofits.

10-11:30am Session One: Budgeting to Fully Fund Your Overhead

This session will identify the building blocks of a strong budget and explain how nonprofits can easily raise the dollars needed to cover overhead costs. We will discuss how proper budgeting will propel grant proposals to success and how to use messaging to raise these much-needed funds. You’ll see how to accurately describe, budget, and properly package your programs and projects to effectively secure funds from diversified funding streams.


  • How to write a realistic budget for your organization, programs, and projects
  • The 3 items most budgets are missing
  • Steps to diversifying your funding streams
  • How to express needs to prospective donors in ways that will ignite their passion to support your work
  • The top 3 metrics you should analyze regularly from your budget

12-1:30pm Session Two: How to Create a Written Fundraising Plan

Planning is hard. With a load of responsibilities on the development team, planning often takes a backseat to immediate needs and crisis fundraising. A well-written fundraising plan will allow you to focus your efforts, plan out your annual fundraising tasks, and help you create and evaluate strategies to accomplish and exceed expectations. Learn ways to track fundraising goals throughout the year in one easy-to-use tool. If creating a plan is the next step in your development career, this is the workshop for you.

Regardless of size, one of the biggest challenges for today’s nonprofits is diversification of revenue sources and historical review of what has worked, is working, and may work going forward. Today’s donors are everywhere. Putting all your eggs in just a couple of baskets creates long-term risk for your organization and may keep you from optimizing your revenue potential. In this session, we will look out how to create a historical review of your revenue streams, create a fundraising development planner for your current fiscal year, implement strategies for success, and track the progress made throughout the year.

This seminar is a game-changer for staff who are ready to analyze funding streams, evaluate based on data, and create strategies for success they can track. Participants will assess the pros and cons of diversified funding, learn to evaluate historical data, the basic elements of our development planning tool, and how to take a current budget and plug it into this format for continuous evaluation at your fingertips.


  • Understand how diversified funding streams work in tandem to create financial sustainability.
  • Determine where your revenue strengths and weaknesses are currently and historically.
  • Identify new ways to generate the resources and dollars you need to support and grow your programs, projects, and/or services.
  • Explain the characteristics of and best practices for successful fundraising planning.
  • Learn the metrics that will help as you work to grow your funding streams and reach financial goals.

Speaker(s): Mandy Pearce, Owner, Funding For Good, Inc. Marie Palacios, Lead Consultant, Funding For Good, Inc.


Fee: No Cost

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