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How to Eradicate Fear: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Wed 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Topic: Start-up Assistance

We currently live in a society where people live in fear every day of their lives due to the pandemic, unemployment and the uncertainties of our future. People's hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations have been covered by the smog of fear, depression and negative influences of this world. Creating a space of authenticity and transparency, without judgment, creates a mindset of hope and ignites the idea of a bright future.

Entrepreneurship is purpose work and in order to press forward, having a positive mindset is key.

This course offers visual solutions and tools to assist with our current times while operating as an entrepreneur. The instructor will listen to, guide and expand the consciousness of the client, while igniting realistic, actionable and successful growth strategies.

Course includes: An interactive Zoom video PowerPoint presentation and counseling session.

Speaker(s): Nicole Lee

Fee: No Cost

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