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From Business Idea to Actionable Plan - Part 1 (Webinar)

Wed, Jul 17 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Topic: Start-up Assistance

From Business Idea to Actionable Plan

3 steps to turn your idea into an actionable business plan

By Juan Guadalupe

Class #1: 1st Step: Identifying the Right Idea for the Right Market

Establishing and growing a business is much like planning and growing a seed. The seed (business idea) needs to be matched with the right soil (target market) which is then led and fertilized so that the seed will have the best environment to grow.

The goal of this first session is to help you refine your business idea and match it to the right market in preparation for developing a business plan.

I. Roadmap to Starting Your Business

II. The Freedom Tree: Eight Principles for Growing A Successful Business

III. Creating A Value Proposition

Speaker(s): Juan Guadalupe


Fee: No Cost

These are the ABC's of how to start a small business combined with winning strategies from low-cost startups.