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Network of Women Small Business Owners - Design a Marketing Campaign

Mon 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

Design a Marketing Campaign Quick quiz: What is Viral Marketing? How about its companion Buzz Marketing? Affiliate Marketing? Pay-per-click ads? SEO? There’s more but if you could not definitively describe these tactics, how they are developed and managed, and, most importantly the value they offer to your customers and your business, then you are like many business owners who know they could be doing more but are not sure they have the tools and knowledge to make these methods work for them. In this hands-on seminar you will explore how you can use these tactics for your specific business to develop an advertising campaign that is worth the time, effort, and cost as well as one that will benefit your customers and create long-term relationships with you.

Speaker(s): Sharon M. Styffe


For this workshop meeting you should bring the profile of your best customer(s) or buyer persona, any testimonials you have collected, and your marketing plan. If you do not have these tasks completed, feel free to contact us to work on them before the workshop meeting. Our goal is to help you start or extend your advertising campaign.

Fee: No Cost

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