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Developing your Target Market (Boost)

Tue 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Topic: Managing a Business

You may have heard different versions of this concept. Target market, avatar, customer persona, ideal customer. They all mean the same thing: the person you most want to reach with your marketing because you know (without a doubt!) that they will benefit from your products or services. The key to developing your target marketing is research, research, research! You can't learn too much about what this person wants, thinks, feels, loves, follows, and laughs about. The more you understand, the more you will be able to craft meaningful content that will elicit a "Whoa... were you reading my mind?!" In this session, we will help you understand how to create a target market framework. You will learn: - How to determine your target market - Where to find them - How to learn more about them - How to take that information and transform it into a strategic plan for your marketing

Speaker(s): Terri Watkins

Fee: No Cost

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