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How to Gain More Business With a ZERO Marketing Budget

Tue 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

Learn how to market yourself without spending any money on marketing! Instead of investing what you don’t have into growing your business, learn how to best invest what you do have: time and attention. This may be news to you, but you don’t need to jump into advertising right away. In this class, you will learn how to redirect your marketing dollars to accelerate the growth of your business. You can develop a sustainable income over time with the right strategy. This method does not exclude money spent on marketing, but it will help you build a strong foundation for expansion independent of your budget This class will show you how to address the ground game and the web game of your marketing. Since 2006, we have helped countless small business owners create lasting momentum. We will cover how to: – Generate excitement for your product or service in person and online -Implement the “customer honoring method” of having your existing customers as profile referral partners -Create content online (with just your smartphone) to attract the best customer for your business -Use the internet to your business’s advantage -Customize your marketing plan to your specific needs -Maximize free online resources to promote your business -Inspired by the book Stone Soup by Marcia Brown – 1947

Speaker(s): Martin Brossman and Associates

Fee: No Cost

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