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Helping Small Business Owners Hire Better, Smarter and Faster

Wed 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

In this seminar, the business owner will learn how to hire Better, Smarter, Faster… Retaining More Talent! TOOLS YOU WILL TAKE WITH YOU:  Guide to Interviewing Better  List of Questions YOU CAN & CAN’T Ask  Guide to Paying Well, Employing Better and Retaining the Best TOPICS COVERED: 1. Your Job Description: Is it attracting the wrong applicants or driving away the right talent? Make your job description stand out above the rest and get the applicants that you really want to see. 2. Reading Resumes: You get a LOT of applicants, a stack of resumes. How quickly and accurately can you go thru them? Are you bypassing great candidates because you’re frustrated? Do you know how to look for transferrable skills in a resume? Learn from a veteran corporate recruiter whose job it is to review thousands of resumes each month. 3. Where to Find Talent: Don’t think that talent is in our region? Where are you posting your job and are you looking for talent? Are you a pro at the Post & Hope Technique? Are you listing your job where the job seekers are looking? Are you utilizing area resources to find the best possible talent? 4. Interviewing Candidates: Are you asking the right questions? The wrong questions? Are you controlling the interview or is the interview controlling you? Are you hiring the wrong candidates and letting the great ones get away? The single most important part of the hiring process for both employer and candidate should not be taken lightly. We will show you how to be the company with the best talent in town. 5. Pay-Scale Competiveness: If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times…the pay-scale here in the Cape Fear is low. As a leader in the community, we can help you decide where you stand in being competitive in your salaries; rely on the on company that is talking to businesses like yours every day. Can you afford to pay an extra $2 an hour? Or maybe even $5 more an hour? $10k per year? The cost of not having that employee onboard or the cost of hiring the wrong one may be the difference.

Speaker(s): Corey Lewis, Cape Fear Jobs

PRE-REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED: Go to then look for the red 'Seminar Registration' tab and follow the directions to register. If you need assistance, please call 910-362-7216, or visit us in the ‘U’ Building at 502 N Front Street, Room 530, Wilmington, NC 28401.

Fee: No Cost

Phone: 910-362-7216


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