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Online Training: Accounting 101

On Demand
Until Jun 30
Topic: Business Accounting and Budget

Take command of a bookstore and coffee bar and see how money moves in and out of a business learning the fundamentals of accounting at the same time. This course provides an in-depth look at each of the primary accounting transactions used in a business demonstrating how "the language of business" works. Without using any accounting jargon to begin with, the course demonstrates how to keep score in a business through a simple scorecard approach. When you are finished, you are shown that each of your scorecards represents one of the three primary financial statements used in managing a business. Objectives: *To discuss the three fundamental "scorecards" for keeping track of money in a business and to show you how each operates. *To present the basic transactions that any business encounters including: money coming in, money going out, money owed to you, and money you owe. *To present ways to manage cash and its flow through your business, as well as, dealing with large costs. *To show you how to create and understand the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statements.

Co-Sponsor(s): Small Biz U

Please Note: You may need to Download Adobe Flash player in order for this online training to work. Please contact Ben Willis if you have any technical issues or questions related to the training. Email: Phone: 828-726-2615

Fee: No Cost

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