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How to Find, Interview, and Hire Magical People for the Small Business Owner! (NEW) - Online

Thu 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

In today’s challenging job market, where leaders, businesses, and employees are asked to do more with less, teams and businesses cannot afford to settle for low-performing candidates. Most managers have never been trained, so they just wing it and hope the process turns out well. Yet, a leader’s success, not to mention the customer's experience, is directly related to how successful their people are. Simply hoping that new hires work out is no longer an option.

  • Are you, as a business owner, struggling to find good employees now that the pandemic is winding down?
  • Have you ever hired a person who seemed so perfect during the interview but wound up being a bust on the job?  
  • Are you tired of having a constant revolving door and turnover of average employees in your business?
  • Are you frustrated by having to spend so much unproductive time baby-sitting your employees and wish they would be more dependable and take the initiative to get the job done right the first time? 
  • Would interviewing potential candidates be easier if you knew the most effective questions to ask? 
  • Have you ever wondered the secrets that the Walt Disney World Resort used to hire 75,000 employees?
  • Ever wonder why other top successful companies always seem to have the best people?

In this presentation, we will discuss how to find and hire the best-suited candidates for the job, but more importantly, how to eliminate the candidates you don’t want! Just by following the speaker's unique tips and strategies, instead of the usual ineffective hiring methods, you will finally have the right people working for your organization that are more loyal, committed to your values and goals, and empowered with the initiative to get the results you want now. That is when the real “Magic” begins in your business.

Attendees will learn:     

  • 5 creative ways to find good candidates and never have a lack of great candidates to choose from again
  • 6 tips and secrets behind what really matters when assessing applications and resumes
  • How to specifically define just what you are looking for in a great candidate and never settle for anything less
  • How to hire and place people to fit roles, not just positions (One of Disney’s BIGGEST secrets)
  • Specific interview questions that matter the most in eliminating the people you don’t want
  • Successful strategies that top attorneys use when asking tough follow up questions during an interview that will identify and eliminate non-performers from ever joining your team again    
  • How to incorporate creative ways to conduct and check references     
  • And much more…

“Customers Will Always Remember People Over Product or Service - How much money and loss of productivity are the wrong people in your organization costing you?" John Formica

Speaker: John Formica

Register by: 4:00 PM June 9

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