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Small Biz U Understanding Advertising and Promotions

On Demand
Until Jun 30
Topic: Business Basics

This course presents a media-by-media discussion of the tips and tricks used by marketing professionals when advertising a product or service. Learn how to set an advertising budget, learn why it's better to run two smaller ads than one larger one, learn how to correctly position your product and how to best design an effective marketing message, and learn what you need to know about selecting media for an ad campaign. This course also presents an overview of public relations tactics and internet marketing practices. At its conclusion, this course details specific measures how to assess the success of your results. Topics covered by this course include: What is advertising? The audience, objectives, and platform Determining the advertising budget The positioning and message Using print media Using radio and television Direct marketing options Promoting internet websites Public relations and publicity Evaluating your advertising plan Course Objectives To explore the nature and types of advertising. To become aware of the major steps involved in developing an advertising campaign. To create a positioning strategy and promotional message. To help select the best marketing media for a campaign. To explain the public relations process and how it’s used in promoting a business. To help in evaluating and measuring your advertising results. Course is approximately 2.5 hours to 3.0 hours in length and provides over 166 animated slides complete with voiceover narration.

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