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Small Biz U Creating Buzz: Marketing On Small Budget

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Topic: Marketing and Sales

Creating Buzz is one of the most comprehensive courses on how marketing is actually executed in a small business. Your marketing agenda as an entrepreneur is vastly different than that of a member of the Fortune 500. Some of the principles may be the same, but the details are different. The theory of creating buzz is that your primary investments should be time, energy, and imagination. In other words, you are shooting for a high return on imagination as opposed to return on investment. But buzz just doesn't happen by itself. Instead, it must be carefully cultivated and strategically crafted with an underlying architecture. Most of today's marketing still focuses on how to use advertising and other tools to influence each customer individually, ignoring the fact that purchasing is part of a social process. The most expensive marketing expenditure for any organization usually comes in educating your market-in placing your message into the targeted group of consumers you have chosen. Yet, your customers have already self-organized themselves into networks at the micro level. By tapping into these self-organized networks you can inject your message directly into the bloodstream of your targeted market. What you are really trying to do when you are marketing a concept is to have it spread in much the same way as an epidemic does through a network. Networks have properties, hidden in their construction, that limit or enhance our ability to do things with them. Creating Buzz details exactly how customer networks operate and how to select and leverage your marketing weapons to best turn your message into action. Creating Buzz is packed-full of hundreds of strategies, checklists, and tips across the realms of network theory, positioning, advertising media, word-of-mouth campaigns, publicity, and public relations. From informal, easy-to-do tactics to full-fledged formal marketing plans, the lessons taught in this course are paramount to anyone growing an organization. Topics covered by this course include: What is buzz and how does it spread? Understanding networks Hubs and connectors Your positioning and message Choosing your marketing weapons Word of mouth tactics Return on imagination From message to action Public relations and publicity Creating a marketing plan Course Objectives To help you understand how marketing activities are actually conducted in a small business. To convince you that buzz and word-of-mouth don’t just happen, instead it must be carefully cultivated and strategically crafted with an underlying architecture. To help you become a master of self-organized customer networks by leveraging hubs and connectors. To help you choose and maximize the right marketing weapons for your message. To help you achieve a high return on imagination as opposed to return on investment. Course is approximately 3.0 hours to 3.5 hours in length and provides over 185 animated slides complete with voiceover narration.

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