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Friday Force: Data isn't Scary. Get to Know Your Customer.

Fri 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM
Topic: Technology

Do you want to get to know your customers better? Do you wonder how to collect information around their habits and likes so that you can market to them more effectively? Do you understand what your current data (analytics, insights, etc.) tells you? Are you just afraid of the ugly word call data?

No need to be afraid of the biggest gift your customers/clients are giving you, their data! Data contains hidden insight and can create a pipeline for future revenue. Let's crack the data code and learn how to turn this data into gold.

Things we will discuss:

  • Simple steps to start collecting data and what software to use to store it. Hint, hint. This isn’t super techy or hard.
  • How to identify what data you might already have from customers or potential customers.
  • How to identify trends and revenue opportunities.
  • Favorite tools for understanding your customers.

Speaker(s): Daniela Henderson

Co-Sponsor(s): Cary Chamber of Commerce

Fee: No Cost

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