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Angry Food and Beverage Customers Can Actually Become Your Best Friends

Wed 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Topic: Managing a Business

Even when you always give your best effort, unfortunately dissatisfied customers are a part of every business. Typically, most employees dread hearing about it or even fear the interaction that sometimes follows. But you should want to be hassled by your dissatisfied customers because you can actually turn these complaints into golden opportunities. Only by hearing how disappointed or angry they are will you ever be able to make it up to them in a way that will help rebuild their trust. How you respond to these unfortunate situations will determine whether the customer goes on to tell all his friends and family (and everyone on social media) how terrible your business is or instead rave about your unmatched customer service. This session will uncover how to turn your most unhappy customers into some of your most loyal and happy ones!

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Speaker(s): Tonya Snider, TenBiz, Inc.

Fee: No Cost

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