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Start a Business Summit

Fri 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Topic: Business Basics

How to Find Money to Fund Your Business Idea Finding the money to start your business or keeping it moving is always a challenge, but this session will help you know what to expect and be better prepared. You will get an overview of the lending process and how to make it work for you. Discussion will cover what lenders look for and expect with regards to your personal credit, cash flow coverage, collateral requirements, capital injection and character.

How to Get Your Business Started Thinking of starting a business? If so, you need to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Starting a business can be a challenge but with the right guidance and knowing what resources are available, you will increase your chance of success.

How to Track Expenses and Stay Legal
Keeping track of income and expenses, budgeting and paying taxes admittedly doesn’t sound like much fun for a busy and creative entrepreneur, but it is without a doubt critically important to your long-term success. Stay on top of these things by knowing what you need to keep track of and how to do it.

How to Know If You’re Ready to Own a Business There are lots of pros and cons to being an entrepreneur. Have you given it much thought? Should you be an entrepreneur? This session will help you think through all the different angles you should consider when deciding whether business ownership is right for you. You will gain insight into self-assessment tools and get valuable information on what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. Also learn about resources available that will be invaluable assets to you as you begin the journey to business ownership.

How to Write a Business Plan
Success in business begins with a plan. By committing your idea to paper, you face tough questions and identify strengths and weaknesses. Business plans are not just for financing purposes; they are working documents to guide your business. For new and established business owners, this seminar will start you down the path of small business success.

How to Find Customers and Keep Them Finding customers and keeping them over time is more challenging than ever. Discover more about who your customers really are and what they are looking for, and then learn how to communicate with them in a language they understand. Explore the many marketing tools available and gain insights to understand which ones might work best for your business.

How to Create Marketing Materials With Canva Would you like to have sharp and cleverly designed graphics for your business? Good news, you don’t need experience in graphic design or even an investment in expensive software to do so. This session will show you how to use Canva, a free, web-based resource that will allow you to go from being a beginner to a master at graphics overnight! Learn how to create and publish professional and creative marketing designs that include brochures, flyers, social media graphics, logos, labels and more that would normally cost you a fortune. Turn your imagination into finished designs in minutes!

How to Sell Your Product or Service Having a great product or location is only half of the equation to successful selling. At the end of the day, customers must be willing to BUY from you and you must know how to SELL. Selling is a skill and learning to sell yourself and your business is an art form all by itself! You don’t need gimmicks or tricks, but you will need to listen and understand what your customer really wants. Learn how to listen to your customers and communicate clearly what you have to offer

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