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MindSpark LIVE: Understand the Power of Existing Customers & How to Keep Them - Online

Wed 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Topic: Customer Relations

The most effective and inexpensive tool to grow any business is word of mouth advertising. Customers refer their friends and colleagues to companies they like the most and have the strongest relationships with. Most of what you do day-to-day at work should be tied to building relationships and keeping your customers happy and satisfied. The smartest companies of today continuously sharpen their focus on this area because good relationships create loyal customers, and loyal customers create repeat business- over and over again. In fact, data shows that most customers are not only loyal, but are also willing to pay more money and share more information with companies they have built strong relationships with. Learn how to create stronger relationships with your customers and create a win-win for everyone!

Speaker(s): tenBiz, Inc.


Fee: No Cost