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Marketing Your Small Business Do's and Don'ts

Tue 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Marketing is everything these days. You can have the best service or product, but if customers don’t know you exist, or they don’t know how your service or product solves a real problem for them, your startup will fail. Yet many entrepreneurs focus on the basics of marketing too little and too late. Instead of asking themselves “How and when will this generate sales?” entrepreneurs need to focus more on who they are marketing to and why. Then give them a compelling, specific, and relevant reason to buy from you. One of the best approaches is to sell the same way that you buy. You look for value in a specific solution, or at least a conversation about your own problem, headache, heartache, or challenge. You don’t buy based on cold calls, spam e-mail, or phone calls that interrupt your dinner. Give your own customers the same consideration. Good marketing is not rocket science. Thus marketing is the first thing you need to think about and act on in growing your business, as well as the last thing. The only actions that create results are those that make you stand out above the crowd, attract, engage, and win more customers than your competition. Have you reviewed your startup marketing actions recently for the right do’s and don’ts?

Speaker(s): Kenda McCoy

Fee: No Cost

Phone: 704-993-2424


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