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Webinar - Overview of AI Solutions for Retail Businesses | ONLINE

Tue 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

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Webinar - Overview of AI Solutions for Retail Businesses | ONLINE Course Description: Retail Businesses face Unique Challenges in today's fast-paced DIGITAL MARKETPLACE. With the rise of E-commerce and Online shopping, Retailers must find INNOVATIVE WAYS to Compete with larger retailers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a POWERFUL TOOL that can help Retail Businesses STREAMLINE their Operations, ENHANCE Customer Experience, and GAIN a Competitive Edge. In this webinar training, Retail Business Owners will learn how to LEVERAGE AI to Manage their Businesses more efficiently. Participants will learn about the various AI-POWERED TOOLS and PLATFORMS available for Managing Retail Businesses, and how to Evaluate which ones are Best Suited to their Specific Needs. The course will also Discuss the Ethical and Social implications of AI, and how to ensure that the use of AI is Responsible and Sustainable. Throughout the course, there will be Practical Examples that demonstrate how AI can be used to Solve Real-World problems faced by Retail Businesses. Course Objectives: - Introduce Retail Business Owners to the Basics of AI and its various applications in Retail Business. - Teach Participants how to leverage AI to Manage their Retail Businesses more efficiently. - Provide PRACTICAL EXAMPLES that demonstrate how AI can be used to SOLVE REAL-WORLD PROBLEMS faced by Retail Businesses. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussions to gain a better understanding of how AI can benefit their day-to-day operations. By the end of the course, Retail Business Owners will have a good understanding of how AI can help them Manage their Businesses more efficiently, and will have the TOOLS to Evaluate and Implement AI Technologies in a Responsible and Ethical manner.

Speaker(s): VentureAsheboro Founder Dr. Jonathan Thill


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