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The Penny Ballgame: Considering Costs, Portions and Profits in a Food Business (Webinar)

Mon 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Topic: Cash Flow Management

How can you know whether you'll make money in food business? Do the math! Don't let fear of the unknown (or of math) hold you back! In this overview you’ll learn the fundamentals of how food becomes revenue, and revenue becomes profit.

This is essential learning if you are dreaming, creating a business plan, or want to increase profits in your existing business. You'll get great basic skills to make smart money decisions, to base your creative venture on a solid business foundation. Even if math is ‘not your thing', you'll come away knowing what the most vital metrics are, and how to achieve them.

Note: This webinar has a two-step registration process. Please check your email for a link to complete registration.

Speaker(s): Dani Black, Bigger Tables Culinary & Service Consulting


Fee: No Cost

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