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GROW Farm Summit: General Registration

Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Customer Relations

Register here for the GROW Farm Business Summit to be held from 9am - 5pm on Friday, March 8th. Feel free to attend a single session only or join us for an entire day of farm focused topics! Call or email Allen Cook for more information. or (828)-766-1295. The Following is a list of the sessions: Introduction to High Tunnels - Learn all about what a high tunnel is and how this farm tool can improve and expand your farm operation with high-quality, fresh produce year-round. Learn about the NRCS EQIP High Tunnel Initiative and how to apply. Bookkeeping and Tax Basics for Agripreneurs - Keeping track of income and expenses, budgeting and paying taxes admittedly doesn’t sound like much fun for someone working in agriculture, but it is without a doubt critically important to the long-term success of your business. Stay on top of these things by knowing what you need to keep track of and how to do it. Fresh Produce Safety and Flow on the Farm - Learn the common sense approach to fresh produce food safety. This session is for fresh produce market growers and those with an interest in expanding to larger scale production. You will learn safe and practical fresh produce growing, harvesting and handling techniques. We will also discuss proper flow on the farm to address fresh produce food safety awareness for those market growers who also have animal based products or are interested in adding these products to their farm based business. NCDA Food Rules & Regulations #1- Home Processing, Low Risk/Value-Added Food Manufacturing. In this session the NCDA Role and Low Risk Foods will be defined. The federal and state guidelines and laws over Home Processing and Low Risk Food will be thoroughly explained, as will the inspection process Growing with the Right Marketing - Marketing is an important component to attracting customers in any business, and it certainly is no different for agriculture-based businesses. This session introduces farm-based marketing strategies that will help expand your farm business. You will explore trends, discuss what customers really want and learn how to make the marketplace work best for you. NCDA Food Rules & Regulations #2- High Risk Food/Value-Added Food Manufacturing - This session will be focused on High-Risk foods by definition and pathogens of concern. High Risk foods rules and regulations will be covered as well as what additional training and regulations are required. The inspection processes and regulations required will also be explained. The Business of Organic - The organic industry is one of the fastest growing agriculture market segments. There are many considerations before a producer undertakes this market channel. This session will cover regulatory and basic principles and practices of organic production, as well as how to apply for the NRCS EQIP Organic Initiative grant. You will also explore the “Transitioning to Organics CAP 138 Plan” and learn how to help improve your farm business while conserving your natural resources. Is Agritourism an Opportunity for Your Business? - Agritourism offerings in North Carolina have greatly expanded in the last ten years. Consumers are increasingly interested in the farm experience. Many farms across the state are diversifying to offer unique experiences and adding to their income stream by doing so. This session will explore planning, logistics, regulatory issues, marketing and risk management, as well as make sure you know about the support that exists from state agencies.

Speaker(s): Various Experts and Extension Specialists

Fee: No Cost

Phone: (828) 766-1295


Mayland Community College Small Business Center
Phillips Building: Room 37, Business & Industry Suite
200 Mayland Drive Spruce Pine, NC 28777
The new office location for the Small Business Center is in room 37 of the Samuel L Phillips Center for Business and Technology, aka "The Phillips Building." At the Spruce Pine Mayland Campus, the Phillips building is located closest to the main drive into campus. Free guest parking is available in the large student parking lot. Most business classes are held on the second floor of the Phillips building which can be accessed by an elevator or steps. Event signage will be posted on the main doors and classroom to assist in finding class locations. Call (828) 766-1295 or email for more information. 
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