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But, I Hate Sales (for current and prospective small business owners)

Thu 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Start-up Assistance

If you have a business and want to keep it, you have to do sales. This is a sales process for non-sales folks. The idea of sales makes you shudder because you think salespeople are shifty. That’s not true! A good salesperson is a great listener and a problem solver. The best sales people tune in to their prospects and find the right solutions at the right time. This workshop will give you a sales process that is easy, honest, and respectful. You’ll come away with an understanding of what it takes to be a successful sales person. Jane Maulucci is presenter.

Speaker(s): Jane Maulucci Jane Maulucci held a day job for 3 decades working in corporate marketing, sales, and training while freelancing as a copy writer and soft news reporter. She finally decided to go all in and survive on just her writing and training by utilizing the big business success formulas. Like a mad scientist, she scaled them down for her small business and they worked! Not able to keep this great find to herself, she started telling her clients (and anyone else who would listen) the secret formulas, and they worked for them, too! Now, through workshops and one-on-one training, plus a handy book loaded with the lessons, she intends to create a tsunami of small business world domination. Ready to join her?

Co-Sponsor(s): Washington/Beaufort Chamber of Commerce

Fee: No Cost

Phone: 252-940-6299


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