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Crafting an Ethical AI Policy Plan

Wed, Sep 18 1:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Topic: Start-up Assistance

Dive deep into the ethical considerations of AI technology and learn to draft a comprehensive AI policy for your business. This interactive workshop will provide the tools and insights needed to ensure your AI implementations align with ethical standards and business goals. Engage in discussions, group activities, and guided drafting sessions to create a policy that respects user data, promotes transparency, and upholds your brand's integrity.


Participants will leave with a draft of their own AI policy, equipped with the knowledge and tools to refine and implement it within their business. This plan will help ensure that their use of AI supports ethical standards and enhances business practices responsibly.

Bonus Tools and Resources:

  • Template for an AI policy.
  • Checklist for ethical AI implementation.

This session is designed to empower participants with a practical and strategic approach to integrating AI ethically into their business operations. It ensures that they not only understand the "how" but also the "why" behind ethical AI use, fostering a responsible and informed approach to technology adoption.

Speaker(s): John Hornsby

Co-Sponsor(s): Hornsby Creative Group

Fee: No Cost

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