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6-Week FARM to FORK Master Class- Session 1: Risk Mitigation – Webinar

Mon 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Topic: Start-up Assistance

6-Week FARM to FORK Master Class -Jump into this unique offering - Farm to Fork Master Class - for local foodies, chefs, food trucks, caterers and more. We’ll help you set the table for success! Our guest culinary team will also be there to guide you into the next steps of business growth.

This is a fun, yet intense deep dive into taking your culinary idea and or current business to the next level. The food industry is a team effort, and our business strategists and local community are going to be with you during the entire journey.

You will also be networking with the most prominent lenders in North Carolina that provide Access to Capital for food trucks, craft breweries, family-owned restaurants, and catering companies. It’s a team effort and we’ve got you!

At the completion of this programming you will have created a Business Plan, Financial Projections and a network of lenders and business professionals cheering you on to the next stage of growth for your business.

Session 1: Risk Mitigation

Please register for each individual class

4/3/2023 Session 1: Risk MitigationWebinar - 6-8pm Risk Mitigation, Legal Structures and Decision Making to Protect Your Business.

4/10/2023 Session 2: Strategic Planning and Learning - Webinar - 6-8pm Strategic Planning and Learning How to Navigate the 9 Building Blocks for Success

4/17/2023 Session 3: Financial Strategies - Webinar - 6-8pm Financial Strategies and Finding Your Top Products that make $ and an impact on your Brand

4/24/2023 Session 4: Marketing & Branding - Webinar - 6-8pm Marketing & Branding the Right Way – Owning your Culinary Niche and finding the right customers

5/1/2023 Session 5: Packaging and PresentationIN PERSON – 6-8pm Packaging and Presentation of Your BEST products (Culinary Lab – CFI 137 – Bldg. L- Tarboro Campus)

5/8/2023 Session 6: Recipe Exploration and Competition - IN PERSON – 6-8pm Recipe Exploration and Competition with Local Guest Chefs
(Culinary Lab – CFI 137 – Bldg. L- Tarboro Campus)

Fee: No Cost