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Fundamentals of Fundraising | Online

Thu 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Topic: Nonprofit

What your nonprofit does--your programs--is the highest priority for any nonprofit manager. Revenue generation is the second. New ways for nonprofits to raise revenue spring into existence every year, but where those funds come from stays pretty much the same year after year. There is also a basic inventory of methods that should form the back bone of your fundraising efforts. These are, literally, your "bread and butter." Come and learn more of “How to put the funds into your Fundraising efforts.”

• Ten essentials you need to know concerning Fundraising.
• Tips Concerning o Individual Funding o Better Fundraising
• 8 Ways to Raise 2,500 (or More) in 10 days (or less).
• Writing a Donation letter that Seals The Deal
• Ongoing VS Episodic Funding
• What Does an Online Donor Look Like?

Speaker: Sam Gore

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