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Virtual Nonprofit Summit

Tue 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Topic: Nonprofit

A full-day, online event dedicated specifically to non-profits!

  1. Keys to Effective Board Leadership and Recruitment- 9:30-10:45

Board recruitment can be challenging, yet it’s a critical element to any successful nonprofit organization. The task of building a board is about more than just filling slots. It is about finding leaders who have skill sets and perspectives that align with your organization’s strategies, goals, and needs — not just now, but into the future. This session will explore how to recruit board members who will not only serve your mission, but also lead your organization to it’s full potential.

  1. Donor Relations 101- 11:00-12:15

Donor cultivation is a critical part of achieving a charity's mission. Build a good relationship with donors and you set the stage for a lifetime of giving. Ignore the importance of donor relations, however, and your donors may become loyal givers elsewhere. This session will explore simple and inexpensive ways to create connections and relationships with your donors that will increase giving.

  1. Use Email to Increase Awareness of Your Nonprofit- 1:00-2:15

If you’re new to email marketing and would like to learn more about it, this session will show you! From setting up your account to building a mailing list and creating an email campaign, learn how to use email to market your non-profit more effectively to reach potential clients, donors, volunteers and community partners.

  1. Growing Your Nonprofit with Social Media- 2:30-3:45

Nonprofits are using social media every day to grab attention, inspire curiosity, and ultimately raise money for their causes. However, many nonprofit social media campaigns fall flat and fail to get results… and it’s not because you don’t do great work! In fact, most fail because of inexperience on knowing how to communicate and how to leverage social media to engage people in your cause, and get them to take action. Create a unique marketing niche in social and online media by understanding which platforms are right for your organization. Learn which platforms are right for your organization and tips for maximizing your reach on these free and low-cost marketing platforms.

Speaker(s): TenBiz Inc.

Fee: No Cost

Phone: 252-618-6655
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