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COVID-19 Promoting Your Business and Products During a Crisis (MARKETING)

Sat, Apr 4 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

It’s easy to get caught up in panic and crisis mode and abandon marketing and sales in your business, but that is a huge mistake. Sales will automatically start to slow in most businesses just because of the global pandemic, so it’s more important than ever to proactively promote your business and remain on everyone’s radar. For starters, it’s critical to communicate openly with your customers about the status of your operations, what protective measures you’ve implemented, and how they (as customers) will be protected when they visit your business. Promotions may also help incentivize customers who may be reluctant to patronize your business. The key is to continue to spend time marketing your business and finding ways to make your products and services relevant.

Speaker(s): tenBiz, Inc. 613 940 589 sbcn2020 +1-415-655-0001

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