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Selling Your Products and Services Online - Part 1 (Online)

Tue 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

This is a three-part webinar series that is designed to help businesses sell online, either as a startup or as a business that is already selling online and wants or needs to improve their online performance. For all businesses selling online, they have to create visibility for their business, brand, product, service or other offering. It is not enough for a business to have a website out on the internet as the consumer is not going to be able to find the business unless they have considerable visibility. It is critical that there be a system in place that is designed to bring the online consumer to the business and that once that consumer finds the business, they are presented with sales information that informs them about what the business has to offer and how the consumer can take advantage of what is being offered. The consumer has to then be "nurtured" to the point where, if they haven't purchased something already, they will be more likely to buy from that business when they're ready and if they have already purchased something, they will be more likely to want to buy something else from that business. This three-part webinar series discusses the three main components that make up this system: (1) traffic, (2) sales pitches, and (3) follow up email communications. In this first of this three-part series, we discuss "TRAFFIC". Every business has to make the consumer aware that they're there and the way this is done online is by presenting the consumer with information that is compelling enough that the consumer will want more information about that business and what they're offering. We look at the different methods for how a business can generate this online traffic and where we send that traffic once the consumer has expressed an interest in the business. We also look at the most cost effective and productive way of sending online traffic to a business.

Speaker(s): Dr. Arlene Battishill

If you plan to attend all 3 sessions, you will need to register for each one.

Fee: No Cost

Phone: 9197187544


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