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Our library of full-length courses is provided by SmallBizU, the first online academy created especially for the education and training needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. SmallBizU teaches entrepreneurs about the “3Ms” – Money, Marketing, and Management. It achieves this objective through the delivery of 20 core courses that teach the “language of business” and important trade-skills. Each course is delivered via the Internet full of animated slides accompanied by voice-over narration, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, toolsets, and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. Each course ranges anywhere from 170 to 230 slides and is presented over three-to-four hours per class.For more information on a course or to register click on the course name below.You will have immediate access to any course that your register for. 

You can access your course anytime and anywhere. If you have any questions, please contact Eddie McGimsey at or 828-448-6719.


Start-up Assistance

Business Basics


Managing a Business

Managing Employees

Business Accounting and Budget

Tax Planning

Marketing and Sales

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WPCC Online Training Events
At Your Computer - Online
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