Success Story: Workhorse Fitness and Yoga

Workhorse Fitness and Yoga
Joel and Tiffany Fleeman
Workhorse Fitness and Yoga in Southern Pines, N.C., celebrated their one-year anniversary on November 18, 2020. No sooner did the gym get open when the owners, Tiffany Fleeman and her husband Joel, had to make some serious decisions when COVID-19 forced a state-mandate for all gyms to close.

Tiffany Fleeman first came to the Sandhills CC Small Business Center in December 2017 with the idea of opening a gym. She'd done a lot of research on start-up costs and location and had put together the best and most creative business plan the SBC Director, Teresa Reynolds, had ever seen. Her enthusiasm and passion were infectious, and Teresa knew right away that this gym would be different from any others she'd visited.

After months of planning and reconstruction, the gym opened in November 2019 and is one of the most start-of-the-art as well as artistically staged buildings in the area. The physical aesthetics inside and out are breathtaking. As much of the original building was preserved as possible and extensive renovations were completed: floors with glass windows that reveal the old waterworks machinery in the basement, glass walls, new windows, ceilings, state-of-the-art equipment, juice bar, childcare, aromatherapy, massage, spinning, yoga, weights, and workout machines. It’s all there and beautifully designed.

Tiffany's members have remained loyal to her, even during this pandemic, and she has gained new members as well. She's been very creative and inspiring, figuring out how to successfully serve her customers while constantly pivoting. You can’t know Tiffany without loving her spirit and work ethic. We appreciate the economic impact her business makes in our community.
I cannot recommend the Sandhills CC Small Business Center highly enough. When my husband and I approached the Small Business Center with our new business idea, they were encouraging but realistic and honest. They gave sound advice, referred us to resources that have now become valued business partners and have been a pillar of support ever since. I can honestly say that much of our set up for success has been as a result of our relationship with the Small Business Center. We are so lucky to have such a valuable resource available to small business owners in this community. Many thanks!
Tiffany Fleeman
Owner, Workhorse Fitness and Yoga

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