Top 15 Reveal

Congratulations to the top 15 who will move on to compete in the finale 53 Ideas Business Pitch Competition! 

Business Name Pitched By
Indigo Underground                Duncan and Angela Blount
MetReady Bryan Crouse
Snapp Defensive Bands Troy Dugo
LiVReal Timothy Glass
Framewrk David Hunt
Light and Charge Solutions Margaret Kocherga
Medi-XR Paula Kranz
Agape Acres Shayna Mann
My Path to Peace Geneva McMillian
Roses and Azalea Cory and Jenny Melick
Hygienicore Medical Solutions Jalisa Miller
Fuel Concierge  Anthony Powe
The Music House Destiny Stone
S.A.M. Self Administered Mammogram  Abbie Thornton
Three Strands Recovery Wear Leah Wyrick

Due to COVID-19, we are still working on modifications for the final pitch event. Please stay tuned for more information or monitor the site.

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