Success Story: Buris Chalmers Creative

Buris Chalmers Creative
Bill Graham and Angie Schwab, Principals - Buris Chalmers Creative
Like so many people across the country, Bill Graham and Angie Schwab lost their jobs due to the COVID pandemic and had to get creative with the direction of their career paths. They combined their experience to start a new consulting business called Buris Chalmers Creative

"We recognize the important role that nonprofits play in communities and generally focus on strengthening those organizations," said Schwab. "We share stories that demonstrate the impact of their work. These nonprofits play a big role in our community's prosperity and resilience."

When getting their business up and running, Graham and Schwab turned to the Haywood Community College Small Business Center for third party guidance when hitting certain crossroads. The HCC Small Business Center offers free one-on-one Entrepreneur and Business Advisory services.
"The SBC's perspective provides us with greater clarity," Schwab said. "If we get mired in an issue, they suggest a well-thought next step. Their advice is invaluable, clarifying decisions and direction. The SBC helps us see and build relationships with those that can help us, and in the end, their assistance saves us time and money."
Bill Graham and Angie Schwab
Principals, Buris Chalmers Creative

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Updated 4/25/2023 3:12:34 PM