Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Training


As defined by Webster's Dictionary, an Entrepreneur is a person “who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.”


The successful Entrepreneur takes on the challenges and risks of owning and operating their own business.


Taking one’s passion and talents forward to create a viable, profitable business entity is a concept the Entrepreneur lives by. Breathing life into a new and unknown venture is both exciting and rewarding.


Think about what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. Do you possess these characteristics?

•Ability to set goals and plans to reach those goals

•Capability to prioritize

•A strong and positive attitude

•Energy and passion for your goals

•Good moral strength and character; integrity

•Willingness to take a chance; a risk taker

•Being a self-starter; taking the initiative

•Good reasoning skills

•Able to make independent decisions

•Strong leadership skills

•Being well organized

•Using time wisely and efficiently; not a procrastinator

•Ability to work with others who may not share your beliefs

•Being eager and always willing to learn

•Ability to change and adapt

•A need to satisfy others

•Motivated to seek information; a creative mindset

•Being persistent and proactive in a professional manner

•Informed and updated on industry events and trends

•Being a good financial manager

•Ability to motivate others

•Confident in public settings

•Willingness to recognize contributions of others

•Not fearful of failure; self confident

•Viewing failure as an opportunity to improve and learn


Entrepreneurship Training is available at all SBCN locations across the state of North Carolina.


Find the SBC nearest you to start learning more.



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