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The Small Business Center Network started in 1984 when the North Carolina State Legislature funded thirteen Small Business Centers (SBCs).  By 1995, the SBCN had at least one SBC at each of the 58 Community Colleges within North Carolina.  The system has now expanded to over 60 sites throughout the State and is known as the most expansive state funded technical assistance program in the United States, having locations within a 30 minute drive of virtually every North Carolinian.


The SBCN has positioned itself to focus on entrepreneurship and economic development with an emphasis on assisting startups, early stage, and troubled businesses.  Our unique structure allows ease of access and unparalleled knowledge of and linkages to local communities.  Understanding that knowledge is power, the SBCN provides over 3,500 free or low cost seminars and workshops each year in a wide range of topics of interest to current and prospective business owners.


  • Charlene Cestroni

    “The services the SBC provided were invaluable. Once the business plan was done they hooked us up with a network of federal, state, and local connections. We would have been going into this blind without their help.”


    Charlene Cestroni

    BC Machining; co-owner

    Clay Couny, NC


  • Suzanne Jalot

    “He [the local Small Business Center Director] helped me turn a business idea into a concrete business plan that has changed my life.”


    Suzanne Jalot

    Dog Living Magazine; owner

    Wilmington, NC


  • Jeff Champion

    “I cannot say enough for the assistance and guidance the Small Business Center has provided me … a valuable resource since Day 1.”


    Jeff Champion

    Champion Communications; owner

    Shelby, NC



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