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Webinar: Marketing Your Business Online, Part 5: Ideas To Transform Your Digital Marketing

Tue 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Digital marketing is different from traditional offline marketing, but it is still marketing. Moreover, any marketing program benefits from having all of its parts working together as a whole. Rather than implementing search, social media, mobile, and every other digital marketing tactic individually, what you really need as a small business owner is to know is how to integrate them into a single digital marketing program that builds on each success. Key Takeaways for the Small Business Owner: ● How to apply market segmentation to digital tactics ● How to listen to what customers say and to watch what they do ● How to improve your digital marketing return on investment ● How to manage organizational change to improve digital marketing ● How to expand reach across your entire organization

Speaker(s): Derek Schmidt, CEO DesignLoud

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Fee: No Cost

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