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Engaging and Retaining Millennials for your Small Business

Thu 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

Engaging and Retaining Millennials and Plurals Most organizations are facing turnover rates of 95-100% for new hires. This will become even more challenging over the next five years. Why? Your success is culture bound. What should your culture look like? What do these youngest generations look for in the workplace? What is Plurals’ number one need in the workplace? To retain these two generations, you must engage them. Yet, over 70% of the U.S. workforce is disengaged. Research points to our inability to meet human needs of respect, purpose and trust. Your most important job when you go to work is to nurture trust. Why? Leadership style matters. What leadership methods work today and why? Patricia Hatley, author of “4 Generations at Work” and other publications, as well as speaker, coach and trainer, will facilitate a discussion on engaging and retaining Millennials and Plurals. Her focus in all her work is “empowering people to empower others.” She says that “a trusting and empowering culture is a culture that helps engage and motivate everyone, regardless of age or anything else.”

Speaker(s): Patricia Hatley With over 40 years’ experience developing and leading teams in corporate and non-profit environments, Patricia Hatley is a skilled team facilitator who has a passion for helping people succeed. She is a leadership author and researcher, speaker, trainer and coach, focusing on engaging, and retaining younger generations (Gen Ys and Plurals (Gen Z) in any environment and community. Her work also focuses on developing a culture conducive to engaging all people. Her Goal is to “empower people to empower others.”

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