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Friday Force: Small Business Financial Planning Basics

Fri 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM
Topic: Business Accounting and Budget

In this webinar, we will cover the rules to live by for setting up your business financials.

The first thing we will discuss is how protection should come first - how do you protect yourself, your business interests, and your keep your key people? How do you need to think about disability insurance, life insurance, general liability insurance?

Secondly, your people ARE your business. How do you structure proper benefit packages that are beneficial to your employees and provide them with financial security and education? And, although it might seem far away, you must grow with the end in mind/ How do you structure your business today and in the future for your inevitable exit? Who are my potential successors or acquirers? How do I make sure my personal wealth grows and is substantiated? Cash Flow Should Be Optimized! How do I make sure I am building my personal balance sheet along the way, and structure assets to have the least amount of tax impact in retirement?

Speaker(s): Ashby Ware

Co-Sponsor(s): Cary Chamber of Commerce

Fee: No Cost

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