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Outdoor Industry Entrepreneurship Seminar Series 1: Create Your Way

Thu 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

This hands-on seminar series is offered for outdoor industry entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners. The Recpreneur program is based on 3 simple ideas all ventures require for success: Creating, Sharing and Leading. The curriculum features Level I and Level II course offerings, each focused on specific audiences. Level I courses are an introduction to outdoor industry entrepreneurship. Level I courses are for new entrepreneurs and start-ups, new businesses who are in testing or pilot-program stages, and existing businesses with annual revenues up to $250,000. Level II courses are advanced and address challenges and opportunities inherent in established businesses, or startups founded by experienced teams. Level II courses are for experienced entrepreneurs who are currently starting new ventures, and existing businesses with annual revenues exceeding $250,000 to $1MM. Both Level I and Level II programs are delivered as a 3-seminar series. Attendees who participate in all three sessions will gain additional insight into the integration and implementation of these strategies in their business or venture. 1. Create Your Way: New Venture Creation & Opportunity Identification All entrepreneurs are creators. Session 1 focuses on the process and initial discovery phase required for the creation and launch of an outdoor industry business or a new product line or service offering. This session begins with a business owner assessment and an overview of various business models and launch strategies. Attendees will then learn steps to identify and vet potential business/product ideas. The key aspect is to help attendees understand how to reduce risk associated with entrepreneurship - prior to launching or investing in a new venture, product or service.

Speaker(s): Ryan Taylor, Owner Recpreneur

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Fee: No Cost

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