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How to Increase your Credit Score to 740 in Preparation of Getting a Small Business Loan

Tue 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Topic: Financing

As of October 1st 2018 the way of determining your credit score changed. These changes as well as the "basics" and many legal "tricks" on "How to Increase Your Credit Score to Over 740 Points" are revealed in this informative seminar presented by Bob Moore. Other items discussed during this seminar include how many credit cards you should have and the proper way to use these cards, what to do with credit cards you have had for a long time but you no longer use, how to read and understand credit reports, how to obtain your credit reports and scores without paying for them, and the factors that are used in calculating our FICO or Beacon scores. You will learn how to raise your score simply by the way you use your credit cards, treat inquiries, make your payments and carry balances. Using several proven methods, your credit score could increase by 50-100 points or more within 60 days. Make plans to attend now!

Speaker(s): Bob Moore

Co-Sponsor(s): Bart Rice

The East bldg is located behind the clock tower if you enter campus from the main entrance off of hwy 24. Room 129 is located on the back hall of the East bldg.

Fee: No Cost


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