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Agriveteran Program - Legal Structures and Business Framework -

Wed 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Topic: Agribusiness


The Agriveteran Program is a 6-week series designed for veterans and military spouses who want to transition into farming, ranching, and agriculture. Week 1 – Legal Structures and Business Framework – Kick start or expand your farm business by finding which business structure works best for your goals. Learn the fundamentals of the business operations and how they work. Learn to think outside of the box on which business entity might be best for you. Week 2 – Site Analysis & Exploring Your Potential – Explore how you can learn your farms potential through analysis of all land and equipment so you can explore and move your business to its full potential. You will learn to think strategically in making decisions that will enhance your capacity. Week 3 – Understanding Your Market and Customers – Learn how to find your niche, business concept and opportunity. Explore how you can fine tune your value proposition and begin to explore which customers are best for your business. Learn how to find the right customer for you –and keep them. Week 4 – Financial Planning for Your Business – You will learn how to understand your business financials so that you can make smart and strategic decisions that will make you profitable. You will explore all areas of business finance so that you are confident in your decision making as you move your business into a profitable venture. Week 5 – Maximizing Your Profits and “Belt-Tightening” – Have you ever wondered if you are fully maximizing your profits? You will learn how to analyze decisions based on data and opportunities within the market so that you can reduce costs, expand profits, and grow a successful business Week 6 – Business Operations & HR – Learn how to ensure your business operations are designed for success. Hiring the right people for the task at hand is critical for any small business and you will learn the tips on how to find and grow the talent your business will rely on. Roxanne Reed, founder of the “Farm School on Wheels” will present information designed for veterans and military spouses who want to transition into farming, ranching, and agriculture. In this program, participants will cultivate a strategic self-designed action plan to validate goals, build their farm and engage with a community of entrepreneurs. Roxanne has more than 25 years of small business, entrepreneurship, and economic development experience, and currently serves as the principal at Granit Training Group. Participants who attend each will receive a certificate of completion. Attendance is online, but can be livestreamed on campus by request. Series is open to the public and is sponsored by the Small Business Center of Bladen Community College. For more information or to register, contact Todd Lyden, Small Business Center Director, at 910-879.5572


Fee: No Cost

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