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Checking In

On Demand
Until May 13
Topic: Marketing and Sales

This is a Facebook live event that will accessible online- we will add the links to the online recordings Own a small business? We want to check in on you to see how YOU are doing. Owning a small business is challenging enough without the added stress of a pandemic! You may be making some hard decisions right now that impact your business, employees and family. And, while you are concerned about your family, business and community how are YOU handling all the stress? We’ll have suggestions for how small business owners can weather this storm. You’ll find: - How to take care of your own health - Ways to continue to reach out to customers - How to lower your stress level - Where to find resources - How to plan for when we move out of the danger zone For small business owners, this is absolutely the time to remember the airline attendant’s instructions: “Put the mask on yourself first so you can help others when needed.” We’ll show you how. Please join us online at 10am for next month on Wednesday to "check in" on how you are doing with the quarantine.

Speaker(s): Mike Collins

Fee: No Cost

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