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Conquering Negativity in the Workplace - for current and prospective business owners

Wed 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

? Is negativity a problem in your organization? ? Are people walking on eggshells and afraid to confront problems? ? Are, whispers, gossip or rumors distracting people from their jobs? ? Would you like to have a more positive work environment and be more productive? Negativity and complaining are big problems in business today. It undermines the effectiveness of a team and organization, leading to contempt and an inability to adapt and change. Workplace negativity can spread quickly and quietly, but it can be stopped before morale slips and productivity suffers. In this program you will learn: ? How to define negativity and the effects it has on an organization. ? The three major issues that generate negativity. ? The Four types of negativity that could be contributing to the challenges in your organization. ? Understanding the negative thinker. ? Tips on how to diffuse negative perceptions ? How to confront negative people in a positive way ? Create a “Fun Factor” and a more positive work environment ? And more…

Speaker(s): John Formica John Formica, (The “Ex-Disney Guy”), is a leading authority on tourism, hospitality and service industries alike, while fast becoming a highly sought after internationally known keynote speaker, business and team trainer and small business consultant. John has inspired audiences across the globe with over 3,000 keynotes and seminars to associations, business communities, health care professionals, colleges and students, showing them how to create a Disney-like culture, positive leadership, team relationships, small business growth and transforming any existing service level into a Magical customer experience. Prior to speaking, John acquired over 25 years of experience in top management positions with service industry leaders including: Walt Disney World Resorts® • Hyatt Hotels Hilton • Adam’s Mark • Sunrise Senior Living

Co-Sponsor(s): Washington/Beaufort Chamber of Commerce

Fee: No Cost

Phone: 252-940-6375


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