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REBOOT 2021: Reconnecting With Customers During and After COVID-19

Tue 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Topic: Disaster Mitigation

Have you noticed that some businesses in the same area as others and with similar products and services are vastly outselling the competition and are able to stay in business for decades when others are failing and going out of business during and after COVID-19? Do you wonder why? The answers are found in the strategies, methods, planning and determination of the owners of the more successful stores use to enjoy a larger market shares than the competition. First, they must STAY CONNECTED WITH CURRENT CUSTOMERS and ATTRACT NEW ONES every day. Second, they must develop methods and strategies to keep those customers coming back week after week, month after month and year after year. Steve Carver owns and operates his own business and has been doing this over 50 years. In this webinar he provides helpful tips and explains how to implement proven strategies with quick action tactics to help keep the black ink flowing in the profit columns of your business. Do yourself and your new small business a favor: Bring your note-pad, log on early, and stay to the end of this presentation. You'll learn some important, timely, relevant, and street-smart solutions to many of today's serious small business issues.

Speaker(s): Steve Carver

Co-Sponsor(s): SBTDC

Fee: No Cost

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